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    AccueilNewsPeru: Projects that transform life in prison

    Peru: Projects that transform life in prison

    An ICRC worker talks to a person deprived of liberty and his family member, after receiving a diploma for his participation in a theater project that promotes resocialization. Photo: Jesús Moya Choy/ICRC

    People deprived of liberty prepare together with their teacher to go out to perform in the prison courtyard in a play focused on freedom, which is part of the “Expresarte” project, in the Ancón I prison. Photo: Jesús Moya Choy/ ICRC

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    In Sullana, the “Once upon a time” project consisted of setting up a story reading space to encourage mothers to read with their children. Photo: INPE

    img 20240415 wa0013
    A mother uses the space set in the Sullana prison to read with her children between 3 and 8 years old. Photo: INPE

    mg 6090
    Women deprived of liberty in Tacna inaugurate a laundry space whose infrastructure was implemented to improve their livelihoods. Photo: Jesús Moya Choy/ICRC

    mg 6173
    An ICRC worker talks with women deprived of liberty to learn more about their needs, after implementing a pilot laundry project in Tacna. Photo: Jesús Moya Choy/ICRC

    tai chi
    Older adults participate in tai chi classes in the Huancayo prison, to prevent the deterioration of physical and mental health. Photo: INPE

     img 20240415 wa0054
    In Huancayo, older adults work on cognitive activities as part of a program with materials donated by the ICRC. Photo: INPE

    mg 6282
    Through the “Healthy Aging” project, older men from the Arequipa prison work on plastic recycling. Photo: Jesús Moya Choy/ICRC

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    Through an agreement with the private sector, older adults in Tacna can access to improve their livelihoods by recycling. Photo: Jesús Moya Choy/ICRC

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    In Lampa, those sentenced to community services and women deprived of liberty are working on the construction of a greenhouse that will be used for self-consumption and marketing, for their benefit. Photo: INPE

    bio huerto
    Ecological school biogarden project in the Huánuco prison. Photo: INPE

    img 7982
    Women deprived of liberty participate in the presentation of a book written by them after some writing workshop sessions at the Jauja prison. Photo: Jose Carlos Thissen/ICRC

    img 20240415 wa0037
    In Sullana, a woman deprived of liberty accesses a video call, an initiative supported by the ICRC to strengthen family ties. Photo: INPE

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