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    Israel and the Occupied Territories: ICRC calls for immediate protection of civilians after horrific violence

    The ICRC calls on all parties to respect their legal obligations under international humanitarian law (IHL). Civilians and healthcare workers must be respected and protected at all times. 

    Fabrizio Carboni, ICRC regional director for the Near and Middle East, said: “The images and reports we have seen this morning are utterly horrific. The violence directed against civilians is appalling and cannot be justified. If the situation continues to escalate, then civilians on both sides will suffer immensely.

    “We are aware of reports relating to people being captured or detained. I want to make it clear that carrying out, or threatening to carry out, an act of hostage-taking is prohibited under international humanitarian law. Anyone detained, including combatants, must be treated humanely and with dignity.

    “All parties must respect their obligations under international humanitarian law. This is non-negotiable. Civilians and civilian objects must be respected and protected. Healthcare workers and health facilities must be protected to ensure people needing help can receive treatment. The dead must also be treated with dignity.

    “In our role as a neutral intermediary, we are ready to visit anyone detained so we can check on their well-being and provide news to their loved ones.”

    For more information, please contact:
    Sarah Davies, ICRC Jerusalem,, +972 526 019 150
    Sam Smith, ICRC London,, +44 7809 374 593
    Jessica Moussan, ICRC Dubai,, +971 504 254 091


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