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    AccueilNewsMyanmar: Paving the road to sustainable livelihoods

    Myanmar: Paving the road to sustainable livelihoods

    Given the protracted consequences, the need for humanitarian assistance in the region is greater than ever before.

    Since 2017, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has been helping local farmers in Myanmar by giving them seed to grow staple crops, farming tools and organic fertilizers to improve agricultural productivity. We have also been organizing training programmes to build the capacities of the famers and develop sustainable means of livelihood.

    Our teams in Myanmar distributed seed, farm tools and fertilizers to over 92,728 people from January to June 2023.

    Table des matières

    Kachin State

    In Kachin we distributed paddy seed and organic fertilizers to over 1,500 families in Myitkyina, Waingmaw, Hpakant, Mogaung and Mansi townships.

    “The past years have been very tough for me and my family. Ensuring that we have enough to eat has not been easy,” says U Dan Htawng, a father of four children, who is currently living in a camp for displaced people in Hpakant township. “I believe the ICRC’s support will help us get back on our feet this year,” he adds.

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