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    AccueilNewsLibya: ICRC Activities from January to June 2023

    Libya: ICRC Activities from January to June 2023

    During this period, the ICRC focused on searching for missing individuals who had been separated from their families and loved ones for various reasons. In parallel, the ICRC remained committed to promoting and raising awareness of international humanitarian law (IHL) among diverse audiences, including military personnel.
    Furthermore, the ICRC also provided different forms of support to the four physical rehabilitation centers (PRCs) in Tripoli, Janzour, Misrata and Benghazi. Additionally, the ICRC extended assistance to hundreds of families through micro-economic initiatives (MEIs) and vocational training, aiming to empower them and foster self-reliance. Moreover, the ICRC provided vital medical support to dozens of health facilities, while also providing technical training and essential equipment to water facilities across multiple regions of the country. It also continued to raise awareness on the hazards of weapon contamination.

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