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    AccueilNewsThe ICRC Delegation in Moscow: in brief

    The ICRC Delegation in Moscow: in brief

    That same year, one of the first voluntary societies to care for wounded soldiers was formed in the Russian Empire. The Russian Red Cross Society, now more than 155 years old, remains our closest partner in the country.

    After February 2022, we have significantly expanded our scope of operations in Russia to manage the growing needs stemming from humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. The ICRC supports the Russian Red Cross in the implementation of cash and voucher assistance programs that help families who fled the violence to get through the hardship they face with dignity. In 2022, over 26’000 persons received cash assistance and about 8’700 clothes vouchers. For the same purpose, in Belarus, with our support, the Belarus Red Cross distributes food and necessities vouchers for about 1’300 persons.

    The ICRC has also visited hundreds of prisoners of war, to check their conditions of internment and treatment, as well as to facilitate the exchange of family news. The ICRC pursues its dialogue with the authorities to obtain full access to the people deprived of their liberty.

    Finally, we also remind all the parties in public and during bilateral discussions of the humanitarian imperatives and considerations, as per the Geneva Conventions of 1949, to encourage greater respect of international humanitarian law and delivery of humanitarian assistance to the victims.

    The delegation is one of our key humanitarian diplomacy hubs around the world, building dialogue with the Russian authorities, academic and expert circles, and other influential people and organizations in order to support our mission to protect and assist people affected by armed conflict and other situations of violence around the world.


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