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    AccueilNewsSudan: 300 children evacuated from orphanage

    Sudan: 300 children evacuated from orphanage

    What was it like on the bus journey to Wad Madani?

    There was a mix of emotions in the air. There was a general feeling of relief, as people knew they were headed towards safety, away from the sounds of gunfire. Yet, grief shadowed the moment as nannies and workers left behind their homes and years of dedication, uncertain of what lay ahead.The older children were very happy, while the younger ones may not have fully comprehended the situation, making it a bittersweet moment for all involved.

    Tell us about the challenges the team faced during the evacuation.

    The team faced significant challenges, primarily in the logistical aspect of evacuating such a large group of children. Organizing buses, food, and other essentials posed considerable obstacles. However, through a remarkable display of teamwork, the operation prevailed, marked by numerous discussions and collaboration at various levels. Everything worked out well.

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