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    AccueilNewsIraq: A brutal tale of climate change in pictures

    Iraq: A brutal tale of climate change in pictures

    Climate Change in Iraq

    If you have never been to Iraq, then what you will see in the pictures is not statistics about Iraq being “the fifth-most vulnerable country to climate breakdown”.

    In Lisan Al-Arab (“Tongue of Arabs”) one of the most extensive dictionaries of Arabic words, the Arab scholar and historian Ibn Manzur mentions that the people of Hijaz used to call lands close to the sea “Iraq”, hence the reason Iraq was given that name was “because it lies on the shore of the Tigris, so close to the sea”. It was also said that the name implies “how the roots of trees and palm trees intertwine”. Others explained that the word Iraq was an arabization of an Iranian name, meaning “many palm trees”, so the Arabs named it Iraq.

    Today’s reality is far less poetic.

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