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    AccueilLabourILO Director-General message to the Global Deal Forum 2022

    ILO Director-General message to the Global Deal Forum 2022

    The objective of the Global Deal is to promote inclusive growth and social dialogue. This fully aligns with the ILO’s own mandate.

    Social dialogue is embedded in the DNA of the ILO. It is integral to our unique tripartite governance model.

    It shapes our priorities as an organisation. And it guides our work in our Member States as we build towards the goal of Decent Work for all.

    Social dialogue helps ensure that policies have broad acceptance. And that they can effectively address work-related inequality and exclusion, at both national and international levels.

    The Global Deal is a multi-stakeholder partnership. Its diversity is one of its greatest strengths – just as the ILO’s tripartite structure is one of ours. And this diversity means that the Global Deal is uniquely placed to gather and promote knowledge about the value of social dialogue.


    Earlier this week the ILO published its latest Monitor on the World of Work.

    Unfortunately, the picture that the Monitor paints is quite grim.

    Real wages are falling in many countries.

    Inflation is rising. This is being made worse by the fall-out from the war in Ukraine.

    We can already see that the consequences are hitting low-income groups particularly hard.

    These multiple and mutually reinforcing crises are global. They will require multi-lateral, broadly accepted responses.

    If we are to find these, effective and inclusive social dialogue will be imperative.

    Equally, to take up one of this Forum’s other themes, social dialogue can be a powerful tool for addressing the green structural transition that we know we need.

    And, ensuring that it is also a just transition, meaning that, in future, economic benefits are more equitably shared,

    For example, wage negotiations that are bipartite or tripartite are far more effective in protecting the purchasing power of the most vulnerable.

    These are areas where our social partners have mutual and shared interests. With social dialogue these areas of understanding can be developed, and progress made towards improving conditions for both workers and enterprises.

    Ladies and gentlemen,

    The Global Deal gives us a unique channel through which we can work together, raise awareness about the value of social dialogue, and build trust and the foundations of lasting peace.

    Its diverse membership encourages innovation, which is what we need if we are to build a recovery that is sustainable, equitable, and human-centred.

    It is an excellent example of the global partnership we need if we are to deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals.

    In sum, The Global Deal can help to place social dialogue at the core of the international agenda.

    Thank you.

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