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    AccueilNewsGaza: A resuscitated Al-Shifa Emergency Department breathes new life into patient care

    Gaza: A resuscitated Al-Shifa Emergency Department breathes new life into patient care

    Each round of armed hostilities puts additional stress on essential services, including healthcare. These cycles of violence create increased strain on Al-Shifa Medical Complex, which receives a high number of wounded individuals during hostilities. With the upgrade designed to improve workflow, quality of care, and patient prioritization, these changes will support the dedicated health-workers at Al-Shifa to save lives for years to come.

    With this upgrade now complete, families in Gaza have access to a fully functional and efficient emergency department. Whether its a sick child in need of emergency care, or when a large-scale crisis takes place, Al-Shifa Emergency Department is better prepared and equipped to handle it, said ICRCs Head of Gaza Sub-delegation, William Schomburg.

    Hospitals stand at the heart of communities, and Al-Shifa Medical Complex Emergency Department is now beating strong and steady for Gaza, he added.

    The ICRC remains committed to working with the Ministry of Health and other key actors in Gaza to help ensure high-quality care for patients. Ongoing training programs on basic and complex trauma, as well as emergency response, means local healthcare professionals are empowered to save lives, regardless of movement restrictions.

    For all media enquiries, contact:

    Sarah Davies (Jerusalem, English):, +972 526 019150

    Hisham Mhanna (Gaza, Arabic):, +972 594 205057

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