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    Belgium, Is CIAOSN ‘Cults Observatory’ at odds with principles of the European Court of Human Rights?

    HRWF (10.07.2023) – On June 26, the Federal Observatory on Cults (CIAOSN/ IACSSO), officially known as the “Center for Information and Advice on Harmful Cultic Organizations” and created by the law of June 2, 1998 (amended by the law of April 12, 2004), published a number of “Recommendations concerning help for victims of cultic influence“.

    In this document, the Observatory points out that its aim is to “combat the illegal practices of cults”.

    Illegal practices of cults

    Firstly, it should be emphasized that the concept of “cult” (secte in French) is not part of international law. Any religious, spiritual, philosophical, theistic or non-theistic group, or…

    To read full article please visit this link of The European Times.



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